The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines courage as “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous”; however, to be truly courageous requires more than that.

What is Courage?

Courage requires doing something of great difficulty or danger, intentionally, for something of great value.

It’s not courage to be able to run into a burning building to rescue a child but then failing to do so when the time comes. Courage requires action.

It’s not courage to simply go into a building to pick up a child. Courage requires difficulty or danger.

It’s not courage for you to pick up a child from a building that, only later, you found out was on fire. Courage requires intentionality.

It’s not courage for someone to run into a burning building to grab the leftover mac and cheese from the fridge. That’s foolishness. Courage requires pursuing something of great value.

True courage is shown when someone intentionally runs into a burning building to rescue a child from the flames.

But there is still more, and this is important. We need to add one more layer of complexity.

Courage has Complexities

Every situation has a perceived danger and value as well as a real danger and value.

Someone may be truly courageous to run into a smoking building they perceive to be on fire to rescue a child when, in reality, the building was running a fog machine.

Similarly, someone may be truly courageous to run into a real burning building to rescue what they sincerely perceived to be a child when, in fact, they run out with a life-like mannequin.

Likewise, someone may be truly cowardly in both those situations if they fail to act on what they perceive of the danger and value.

Obviously, we should aim to increasingly line up our perceptions with reality, but perceptions do matter immensely – especially when considering what might motivate others. Before we label someone else as cowardly or courageous, we should get to know what their perception of both the danger and the pursued value of a situation are.

But know this: those who always play it safe are, by definition, cowards. It’s just that most of the time their cowardice is concealed by a thin layer of apparent wisdom.

Those who always play it safe are, by definition, cowards.

Lacking courage? Find the things of greatest true value in life, pursue them intentionally, and don’t let danger or difficulty hold you back. Be guided by the pursuit of things of great value rather than the pursuit of your personal safety and comfort.

Canadians with Courage

So why do I explain all of this?

Because this past week I witnessed some truly courageous people intentionally exposing themselves to great difficulty and danger for something they perceived to be of great value. Yet, in the midst of it, they have been called some of the worst names you can imagine and treated with absolute disdain by many in public office.

No one denies that they have exposed themselves to great difficulty and danger, but many have questioned their character. While some unsavoury characters may have tainted the reputation of the whole, I can attest that I have witnessed an abundance of patriotic men and women who truly perceive that they are pursuing the preservation of our nation and the good of others.

Given the past two years, it’s hard for me to see their perception as being far from reality.

You may not agree with their perception of the value they are seeking (i.e. you may not believe our country needs preserving, is in severe distress, or is valuable enough to defend) or their methods (e.g. protests, blockades, convoys, etc.); but, if you know these men and women like I do, you could not deny that they are courageous, patriotic, hardworking citizens.

These are the kind of men and women who would take a bullet for our nation and for our children’s future. We need more of them.

If I were a politician right now, I would not question the character of these men and women. I would seek them out, commend their courage, and help to refine/redirect their methods to be maximally effective at the shared goal of preserving our nation for generations to come. Keyboard warriors are everywhere. Truly courageous Canadians? They’re a rarity.


Keep your eyes on Christ! (Hebrews 12:1-2)