Life Shaping Verse 3 - AweI still don’t fully get it!

Somehow God considers it wisdom and insight to show his grace to sinful people like myself.

Most people would default to thinking that redemption and forgiveness given to sinners for free at such a great cost (Jesus’ death) is anything but a wise choice, but it was God’s plan from the start and shows his awesome love.

If you’ve been saved for a while you might pass over this quickly saying “Yes, yes, I know that already.” But do you really get it fully?

Have you lost the awe of what God has done? I hope not.

But if you have, take some time to sit down with Ephesians 1 and 2 and let that soak for a bit. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t awaken some awe of God!

Thankful for pastor Gary Goodkey walking me through this passage years ago and pointing it out to me.