Life Shaping Verse 4 - ImitationFor the past 7+ years I have had the privilege of serving at Harvest Bible Church under the imitatable leadership of Dr. Aaron Rock who taught this verse to me.

Believe it or not (…well actually believe it because it’s God’s Word!) we are called to imitate godly human beings as they imitate Christ. (1 Cor 11:1).

I am so grateful for Aaron and the way he has pointed me and so many others to Christ and given us a tangible example of clear-headed, eternal minded, faithful service to the Lord. He has shown me how to be confident communicating truth yet humble in living for God’s glory.

He’s also given me more insight and pro tips than I can recount on every hobby and life skill from A to Z ?

Do you imitate someone as they imitate Christ? And do you live a life worthy of imitation because you are imitating Christ?