Life Shaping Verse 6 - SuccessHow do we measure success at the end of each day? Is it by surviving? Is it by getting one more to-do list checked off? Is it by getting a few more likes? Is it by getting some time for ourselves?

Or do we find purpose and meaning in making much of God and leading other people to do the same?

It is not arrogant or prideful to desire that other people glorify God because of your influence. It’s your purpose in life! It’s the way God designed it to work. The reason you glorify God on any given day is because of the faithful ministry of others.

So how do you lead others to glorify God? Here are some ideas:

  • Give thanks to God publicly for things He has given and ask what others are thankful to Him for.
  • Share a thought from God’s word to help shape the thinking of others.
  • Write a worship song that can give words for others to sing to the Lord.
  • Tell the story of God’s work in your life – especially in your weakness.
  • Give the gift of your time talents and treasures to another and give credit to God for the ability to do it.
  • Patiently teach and discipline those entrusted to you.