Life Shaping Verse 7 - FocusEver get distracted? It’s so easy. I may have good intentions (to the best of my knowledge anyway) but too often I allow myself to get distracted from the most important things.

If we are going to run the race of faith with endurance it is going to take more than good intentions.

It’s going to take determined focus.

Enabled by God’s grace, it takes a serious, ongoing overhaul of our lives.

It takes hard work to untangle from the sins that clings closely. It takes persistence over time.

Steadfast faith doesn’t come fast.

Steadfast faith doesn’t come fast.

But our focus can’t be solely on fighting sin (which, btw, is one of sin’s best tactics).

Rather our focus needs to be primarily on Jesus Christ himself who not only lived the perfect example but paid the perfect price.

Everything starts going wrong when we take our eyes of Jesus.

Want endurance? Then get focused and do whatever it takes to get rid of distractions.

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