Many people enjoy starting a project, but very few [...]

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Insights (shorter)

October 27, 2021|

This is an incredibly rare way of thinking that [...]

August 10, 2021|

It’s time to put away the foolishness and emotional [...]

June 8, 2021|

We all come to social media looking for something. [...]

April 2, 2021|

This week as I watched Premier Ford's announcement about [...]

Insights (Longer)

Various Videos, Sermons and Articles.

October 28, 2023|

We have a significant problem. Sex sells. That is not [...]

July 9, 2023|

Confronting sin and being confronted in our sin are [...]

April 24, 2023|

There is treasure on every page of the Bible. [...]

April 17, 2023|

Did you know owning a copy of the Bible will [...]

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