It’s time to put away the foolishness and emotional fear-driven decisions and make good sense into common sense again. Over the past several months I have observed two sad realities.

  1. There are people who will avoid all close contact with unvaccinated people out of fear that they may be exposed to a virus.
  2. There are people who will avoid all close contact with vaccinated people out of fear that they may be exposed to a virus.

Both of these seem to be either logically irrational or overblown fears given the circumstances[1]; however, (before commenting or emailing to disagree) even if the fear is found to have some justification, it is disheartening to think that so many would push away even close friends and family (not to mention a stranger in need!) because of their vaccination status.

Rather than love one another, we fear one another.

This is not acceptable behaviour for people who follow Jesus Christ.

But be honest – don’t we all struggle with this at some level? Our default is to think of ourselves first. That’s why Paul’s words in Philippians 2:19-21 are so convicting.

“I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon… For I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.”

Or how about Epaphroditus who became “ill, near to death… [and] nearly died for the work of Christ.” Philippians 2:27,30

These men were not driven by fear but by love for others and a desire to fulfill the mission Jesus had given them – even if that meant embracing risk to their own health and well-being.

We may not be able to set the tone for all that goes on in our culture, but we can certainly set the tone for what goes on in our own home. May we welcome all, without fear, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Keep your eyes on Christ! (Hebrews 12:1-2)


[1]. If someone is vaccinated and fearful of the unvaccinated, it would seem their vaccination is ineffective since they continue to live in fear of the disease it was meant to protect them from. Similarly if someone is unvaccinated and fearful of the vaccinated, it would seem illogical since these tend to be the individuals who are not afraid of the virus in other contexts and often point out how we aren’t to live in fear. Fear can cause us to be irrational/illogical either way. Of course these aren’t fully nuanced statements, but that was not the point of the article. 🙂